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  • Farm Frenzy Pizza Party Farm Frenzy Pizza Party 28046 plays Return to the farm to create the ingredients you need to make pizzas that will be enjoyed around the world.
  • Ukiwa Ukiwa 22518 plays This is a quite simple summer game! Let all kids jump into the swimming pool and into the rubber ring.
  • Deep Voyage Deep Voyage 21272 plays Think you can finish these underwater matching games before time runs out? Don't hold your breath!
  • Gorillaz-Game Gorillaz-Game 20551 plays The Gorillaz should be making beats rather than beating the fuzz—get them to Plastic Beach!
  • Year 2012 Year 2012 20137 plays Get ready to escape the devastation!
  • Ever Rising Water Ever Rising Water 16637 plays Take control of your Ship. Unload falling shapes with addictive Match-3 gameplay in an open seas Physics game. Too many shapes will sink your boat! While too many shapes falling in water will raise water level! So Keep it balanced and keep scoring.Game also features many Achievements, Power ups and a Challenge mode.
  • Deep Reef Deep Reef 16508 plays These schools of fish have gotten all mixed up?ort them out! Slide the tiles through the open spaces with your mouse to create rows of 3 or more of the same to unlock all the blue tiles and complete the level.
  • Penguin Dive Penguin Dive 16231 plays Help the penguin collect for as many fish as you can.
  • Aqua Adventure Aqua Adventure 15880 plays You will have to collect all the prizes found under the water, which is mentioned as you proceed to each stage. Complete collecting the prizes within time.
  • Bravo Sisi Bravo Sisi 15754 plays Swim underwater and catch tons of fish to complete every round.
  • Alley Cat Alley Cat 15723 plays Eat all fishes and dodge the electric eels.
  • Deep Sea Fishing Deep Sea Fishing 15707 plays Start Fishing in the Deep Sea! Make it adventurous and strategic!
  • Lilo & Stitch - Peanut Butter Express Lilo & Stitch - Peanut Butter Express 15093 plays Little fish are too small to get their own food. They need your help.
  • Banana Monkey Banana Monkey 15047 plays Guide the Monkey across the Jungles and Rivers to get all the Bananas. The more levels you reach, the more Bananas you will need to eat in order to go to the next level. But don't fall in water and watch out for snakes.
  • Fishy Game Fishy Game 14973 plays Save the diver!
  • Aqua Slug Aqua Slug 14929 plays An awesome game inspired by the Metal Slug series. Get your Joe Montana autographed football back, and stop some prick with a crown from becoming King of the Beach. Use your water gun and water balloons to fight of kids. (or simply hit them with a shovel) Watch out for the kids with double-barrel water blasters.
  • Cool Smimming Pool Cool Smimming Pool 14846 plays Kiss and hug each other but avoid being caught by other people.
  • Johnny Bravo and the Bodacious Mermaid Johnny Bravo and the Bodacious Mermaid 14696 plays Swim until Mermaid appears on the island.
  • Aqua Dudes Aqua Dudes 14659 plays Drop the aqua dudes so that they all end up happy with there place in the water. Some link to snorkel and others like to float. Use the objects in the level to get all the Aqua Dudes in the right spot.
  • Surf Mania Surf Mania 14497 plays WIPEOUT!
  • 3D Jetski Racing 3D Jetski Racing 14496 plays Race against clock, passing buoys gives you extra time. Jump ramps to get extra speed. Complete 3 laps to get a chance to enter your name into the high score table.
  • Cliff Diver Cliff Diver 14257 plays Jump off a cliff and dive into the water, avoid the birds and eggs on the way.
  • Jellytastic Jellytastic 13840 plays A turn-based strategy/combat game. You have to control the big jellyfish to kill all the small jellyfish using tentacles.
  • Storm Boat - Vietnam Mayhem Storm Boat - Vietnam Mayhem 13468 plays Shoot the enemy soldiers on the islands as well as towers, helicopters, airplanes, and subs.
  • Diver Duck Diver Duck 13230 plays Help the duck dive and collect as much money as possible!
  • Harry Potter Underwater Wizardry Harry Potter Underwater Wizardry 12864 plays Grab the gilleyweed and avoid the underwater creatures. Stay alive as long as you can.
  • Finding Nemo - Cruisin' with Cruise Finding Nemo - Cruisin' with Cruise 12286 plays This game is based on Finding Nemo film. You are Crush, the turtle and you need to get Marlin and Dory to Australian costs through the Eastern Australian Current. Collect baby turtles and avoid jellyfish.
  • Blue Aqua Speed Run Blue Aqua Speed Run 12127 plays Race across the water and see if you can score maximum points, collect extras for extra points

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